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🗻 Inspired by mountains, for urban explorers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
Infused with the fierce essence of trail sneakers, this exclusive winter release effortlessly marries mountain aesthetics with urban chic. The maintainy colors of brown, caramel, and orange evoke the earthy tones of the French Alps. The metallic buckle eyelets draw their inspiration from the functional aesthetic of hiking gear.

🐅 Fiercely unperfect
Featuring a serrated sole that echoes the rugged textures of mountainous terrain, the GEN1 moutain edition provides an urban-ready grip. The serrated outsole is carefully melted by hand to the midsole. This handcrafted process introduces imperfections that are not flaws but rather nuances of charm, adding uniqueness to each pair.

🍃 Low carbon & Vegan
The GEN1 MOUNTAIN EDITION is proudly accredited VEGAN by PETA and handcrafted in Portugal. This style is made from our low carbon CornSkin™ material, an alternative to leather. Instead of animal skin and heavy chemicals, natural and recycled components are used to craft sneakers that are both respectful of animal life and the environment. Study by certified agency FairlyMade shows that the production of GEN1 emits 6.89kg of CO2, which is on average -78% less compared to an equivalent animal leather sneaker.